Synesthesia NYC

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Formerly Drinking Outside the Box
SYNESTHESIA  [sin-uhs-thee-zhuh] 
a union of the senses meaning together & sensation
Welcome to Synesthesia NYC! 

We provide wine, sake, and beer classes that explore the senses and educate the palate. Each class is paired with food to further enhance the "synesthetic" experience.

Our instructors have years of wine and restaurant experience in addition to being actors, musicians, and passionately sensual beings. 

Drinking should be fun! Our classes are irreverent, social, and entertaining. We provide weekly group classes in addition to private parties and tastings. You can come to us, or we can come to you!

​Synesthesia NYC invites you to come together to educate your senses and consume delicious elixirs that enhance our lives. 
Amanda Ladd 
Owner & Instructor